USA Para Powerlifting Regional Hub

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Regional Hub Checklist

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  • Fee: $75, credit card
    • Credit Card- When you click APPLY!, you will be taken to a secure online credit card payment system.
  • Equipment:
    • Must have TV and/or Projection screen
    • Must have the ability to hook up an iPad to show PowerPoints
    • Must have the capability to send scores from the competition/tournament, and an attendance sheet with emails to HPM( High Performance Manager)
    • Must have a dry erase or chalk board to keep scores for the competition/tournament
    • Must have an appropriate weight scale for the competition (Wheelchair user must be able to sit on the scale)
    • Must have a full set of weights (preferably in kilograms) plates
    • Must have a Powerlifting bar
    • Must have weight clips
    • Must have straps for the Para bench
    • Must be able to provide an additional Para Bench(s) if running a tournament to serve as warm up benches
    • Must have appropriate table seating for development camps and appropriate for spectators of tournament/competition
    • Must be able to provide the appropriate number of Volunteer spotters/loaders for camp and competition ( 3 per bench minimally)
    • Must be able to provide a volunteer score keeper
    • Benches 3 Parabenches OR 1 competition and 1 warm up
      Check what type of bench you have:*

    • Lights: light system OR Flags for each ref
  • Referees: must have three (3)
    Are any a USA Para Powerlifting Ref?
    • Referee 1: *  
    • Referee 2: *  
    • Referee 3: *  
  • Other:
    • Must be willing to photo copy PowerPoint presentation for attendees of camp
    • Must be willing to actively advertise locally for camps and tournaments/competition
    • A 4-6 hour Level 1 camp is mandatory